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History of the Rock

How did this hunk of shale turn into a Hollins tradition?

What does my gift support?

Gifts to the Hollins Fund contribute significantly to financial aid, which helps students and families afford the costs of achieving one of the finest educations anywhere, provide important support for our professors (salaries and research funds) and help to purchase books for the library, acquire new computers and cutting-edge technologies, pay for improvements that make our campus facilities more accessible and appealing, and keep every aspect of the Hollins community running smoothly.


10 Days to $100K: Hollins Rocks!

Hollins Rocks

You did it!

Thank you for helping Hollins make history by meeting the #HollinsRocks #10Daysto100K challenge! The final totals are:

$127,580 from 546 donors

We're particularly grateful to the class of 2007 who won the Rock of Ages Award for the most donors from a class, with 35 donors. And, the class of 1989 did an amazing job as well, as a close second in the Rock of Ages race with 30 donors, AND they raised the third highest dollar total of all the classes, with more than $6,800 raised in 10 days. 


About the challenge

We identified funds for a $100,000 challenge, to be used as a 1:1 match for new gifts. And we had 10 days to do it. From June 17 through June 27, donors stepped up to the challenge and made gifts totaling more than $127,00. Imagine: your gift will help provide more scholarship funds than ever, more support for our talented faculty, and more funds to keep Hollins traditions thriving! Thanks to all the alumnae who proved that Hollins does rock!

Donors of the Day

Hollins Donors of the Day

Hundreds of alumnae, parents, professors, staff members, and friends of Hollins made gifts to the challenge. We were pleased to highlight just a few as our "Donor of the Day" throughout the 10 days, on our Facebook page.

Donors of the Day:

Top row, l to r:

  • Sara Dettmer Blakeney ’98
  • Christine Jehu ’06
  • Ed Lynch, professor of political science
  • Gwen Fernandez ’06
  • Jennifer Oberlin ’97

Bottom row, l to r:

  • Elise Gamble Reed ’51
  • Linda Bertorelli Jennings ’85
  • Class of 2007
  • Ellen Walter ’89
  • Marie Bacon Ross ’61


Paint your own Rock: Photo Album

Thanks to the alumnae and friends who shared their artwork with us! If you haven't had a chance, we encourage you to paint your own rock and share it with us:


Rock of Ages: Class with the Most Donors

Whichever class year has the highest number of donors throughout the entire #HollinsRocks #10Daysto100K campaign will win! Congratulations to the class of 2007, with 35 donors! Class standings:

  • 2007 with 35
  • 1989 with 30
  • 1997 with 24
  • 2009 with 24
  • 2004 with 23
  • 2006 with 19
  • 2005 with 17
  • 1991 with 14
  • 2002 wtih 14
  • 1992 with 13

Thanks for the phone calls

We had so much fun answering our phones with, "Hollins Rocks"! Thank you for calling to make your gifts.