First Step

Students in their decorated gowns at First Step.

Ring Night

An ever-evolving tradition in which seniors secretly adopt junior ring sisters. The juniors participate in skits and other silly antics in hopes of earning their rings and discovering who their "sisters" are.

First Step

Seniors take their traditional walk across Front Quad to signify the official start of their senior year.

The Rock

Located on the lawn outside the Dana Science Building, the Rock has been called Hollins' billboard. It was first painted by the Class of 1982. Seniors spray paint colorful messages to congratulate, to celebrate, and to speak out on issues.

Hundredth Night

Hundredth Night marks 100 days before graduation. Seniors gather at a party given by the senior class, reflect on their four years at Hollins through a slideshow and skits, and enjoy food served by sophomores and juniors.

Tinker Day

On a surprise day in October, classes are canceled and students, faculty, and staff hike Tinker Mountain attired in zany costumes for songs and a traditional picnic of fried chicken and Tinker Cake. Hollins has observed Tinker Day since the 1880s.


Cotillion began as a women-only dance in the 1890s. Today it is now one of the biggest coed events on campus.

Honors Convocation

Honors Convocation brings the entire community together at the end of the year to honor and recognize those who have received awards, attained membership in honorary societies, and earned the designation of honor student for the fall term.

Holiday Tea

Holiday Tea is held during December in the Green Drawing Room. The festive gathering is time for good cheer and delicious treats.