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Now That We’re in Charge Women’s Forum

October 1, 2011

It’s a women’s conference with a difference. Women's Forum

The FRONTBurner Women’s Forum: Now That We’re in Charge will recognize a milestone for women in the workplace. In late October or early November, women are expected, for the first time in American history, to comprise more than half of all workers in the country. That number won’t immediately erase inequities (such as the salary difference and the number of women in power positions), but it is a milestone worth recognizing.

Now That We’re in Charge will mark the event by featuring some of the most respected, influential, thoughtful, and engaging women executives in the region. Eight of them will be onstage at 9 a.m. Saturday morning to have a casual conversation on topics important to working women, and you can be assured the hour and a half will crackle with wisdom, insight and humor.

Among those taking part in the forum are Nancy Agee of Carilion, the largest woman-led employer in the region; Maryellen Goodlatte, the dean of Roanoke’s women lawyers; Tamea Woodward and Nanci Hardwick, CEOs of heavy industrial companies; Susan Still, one of the very few women bank presidents in the state; and others with impressive credentials and considerable experience.

The morning forum will be followed by eight classes in three 45-minute segments, covering topics as diverse as how women are affected by the law and banking rules, as well as advice on leadership, taking advantage of opportunities, following your heart, community involvement and spirituality.

The conference costs a mere $30 and includes lunch. Click here to register online.


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