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Tennis Wrap Up



Victoria Coffee

 Victoria Coffee #1 Doubles

Hollins Can't Finish Off Wasps

Roanoke, VA - Hollins University Tennis vs Emory & Henry College, April 11, 2014


The Hollins tennis team took the courts on Friday afternoon in the first of their two matches over the next three days.  Hollins played host to Emory & Henry on a beautiful, sunny day looking to pick up an ODAC win.

Hollins split a pair of doubles matches with their visitors and all eyes were on the battle #1.  The two team had pushed one another to the brink in a tightly contested match.  Hollins had a chance to put their opponents away, but a tape shot that just fell over the net allowed the Wasps to push the match to a tie breaker.  The Hollins team of Victoria Coffee (El Paso, TX) and Tiffany Hodges (Vinton, VA) regrouped from the heartbreak of moments earlier and dominated the tie breaker, 7-1, to take the match and the lead.

The Hollins lead was short lived as a game Emory & Henry squad rattled off wins at the top four singles positions to complete the comeback and take the match, 5-4.

Hollins will host Randolph-Macon College on Sunday afternoon.  The match with the Yellow Jackets will start at 1:00pm.


Tennis Match Results
Emory & Henry vs Hollins University
Apr 11, 2014 at Roanoke, VA

Emory & Henry 5, Hollins University 4
Singles competition:
1. Stella Di Michele (E&HW) def. Victoria Coffee (HU) 6-1, 6-0
2. Alyssa Wingate (E&HW) def. Tiffany Hodges (HU) 6-2, 6-1
3. Meredith Yeary (E&HW) def. Madeline Perry (HU) 6-0, 6-0
4. Lauren Riner (E&HW) def. Ashley Gao (HU) 6-1, 6-0
5. A. Shazadi (HU) def. No Player (E&HW), by default
6. Htet Myat San (HU) def. No Player (E&HW), by default

Doubles competition:
1. Victoria Coffee/Tiffany Hodges (HU) def. Stella Di Michele/Lauren Riner (E&HW) 9-8 (7-1)
2. Alyssa Wingate/Meredith Yeary (E&HW) def. Madeline Perry/Ashley Gao (HU) 8-1
3. A. Shazadi/Htet Myat San (HU) def. No Player/No Player (E&HW), by default

Match Notes:
Emory & Henry 8-8, 2-6
Hollins University 0-10, 0-8
T-2:15 A-19