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ODAC 2010 team
2010 ODAC Team Champions
Left to right: Meredith McDonnell '12, Katie Furches '10, Emma Lane Poole '13, Kristina Sprenkle '13

Meredith McDonnell
Meredith McDonnell '12 placed first in Open Equitation over Fences at the IHSA Nationals in May 2010.

Abigale Gonzalez

Abby Gonzalez '10 won the Reserve National Championship in Novice Equitation Over Fences at the 2008 National IHSA Horse Show in Los Angeles.


2008 Hollins riders

Hollins riders celebrate at the 2008 IHSA Championships (left to right): Stephanie Ostericher '08, Julia Parker '10, Abby Gonzalez '10, Elysse Stolpe '10, Maggie Wroe '10, Katie Furches '10, Mallory Potock '09, Shannon Sarkozy '08, and Mandy Lynch '08.


ODAC '08

2008 ODAC Team Champions
Left to right: Katie Furches '10, Mandy Lynch '08, Julia Parker '10, and Brynn Hoffman '09.


Mandy Lynch

Mandy Lynch '08, 2005 IHSA Individual Novice Flat National Champion, with (left to right) coach Sandy Gerald; Jim Arrigon, IHSA national secretary; Bill Yeager, horse show manager; coach Liz Courter; riding director Nancy Peterson; Diane Atkins from WeatherBeeta/Collegiate; and Robert Cacchione, executive director of IHSA.

Lynch won Individual Novice Equitation on the Flat at the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association
(IHSA) National Championships in Harrisburg, PA. Jennifer Champagne '06 earned fourth-place honors in the Open Equitation Over Fences.


Heather Hurst
Heather Hurst '06, 2005 winner, Southwest Virginia Hunter/Jumper Association Adult Medal Finals (18-35) with (left to right) coach Liz Courter; coach Sandy Gerald; assistant director of riding Elise Roschen; Alexis Starer (2004 winner); and riding director Nancy Peterson. (Photo by Danny Young)

Lindsay Little

Lindsay Little '08
Winner, Team Walk Trot Canter Equitation, 2005 IHSA Nationals