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Soccer at Hollins University

Hollins University is a member of the ODAC and NCAA Division III. We compete locally as well as regionally. Tryouts are open to all interested students. Student athletes practice / compete five to six days a week in individual sport seasons.

PHED 300: Varsity Basketball
PHED 325: Varsity Golf
PHED 330: Varsity Lacrosse
PHED 340: Varsity Riding
PHED 345: Varsity Soccer
PHED 360: Varsity Swimming
PHED 370: Varsity Tennis
PHED 380: Varsity Volleyball


Physical Education Courses


Two regular terms of physical education course work are required for graduation.
One term should be taken in the first year with the encouragement of completing the requirement by the end of the sophomore year. No more than one activity course or varsity team sport in a single term may be taken in fulfillment of this requirement. No more than one activity at the 100 level or 300 level may be counted toward satisfying the requirement. A 200-level course may not be repeated for credit. To satisfy a term of the physical education requirement, all work must be completed within the term. These courses carry no academic credit and are graded on a pass/fail basis. All courses are offered to first-year students as well as the Hollins community.

With respect to the needs of individual students, maximum practical flexibility is applied. However, it is rare that a student is excused from completing the physical education requirement. Independent study is only approved in cases of medical necessity or unavoidable circumstances. The aims of this department are to foster understanding of healthful living and to help students develop physical skills which can be useful throughout life. Special fees are charged for some courses.

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The Hollins Outdoor Leadership Certificate (HOLC)
The Hollins Outdoor Leadership Certificate is designed for women at Hollins who are interested in outdoor leadership. The goal of the program is to provide training for women leaders in adventure recreation. The certification process includes components of the Wilderness Education Association’s National Standards Program, Leave No Trace trainer certification, Wilderness First Aid, leadership hours completed with the Hollins Outdoor Program (HOP) and course work. This is a two-year process when each woman will have the capability to learn and develop her decision making, technical skills, and personal outlook through hands-on experience. Each woman who completes the HOLC program will graduate with at least two nationally recognized certifications and necessary experience if she wishes to pursue an education or career in outdoor leadership.


Wilderness Education Association’s National Standards Course
This is a 30-day outdoor leadership course concentrated in the southeastern United States. The course typically consists of four district activity components. Students will first experience a five-day technical caving school utilizing the expansive cave systems of Southwest Virginia. A whitewater canoeing clinic/trip will be held on the Chattooga River, a wild and scenic river of South Carolina/Georgia. Students will transition to the final portion of the course held at the Pisgah National Forest of North Carolina. Students will participate in a seven-day rock-climbing clinic in the Cedar Rock area and finish the course with a backpacking expedition. The teaching curriculum is based on the Wilderness Education Association's 18-point curriculum.

Courses in Physical Education (PDF)

  • PHED 110: Rock Climbing
  • PHED 113: Wilderness Adventure Sports
  • PHED 114: Orienteering
  • PHED 115: Basic Fishing
  • PHED 119: Conditioning for Outdoor Fitness
  • PHED 120: Health and Wellness
  • PHED 121: Lifetime Sports
  • PHED 127: Golf for Business
  • PHED 202: Beginning Swimming
  • PHED 203: Water Aerobics
  • PHED 204: Developmental Swimming
  • PHED 205: Aerobic Fitness
  • PHED 206: Deep Water Aerobics
  • PHED 207: Beginning Golf
  • PHED 208: Beginning Tennis
  • PHED 209: Fundamentals of Lacrosse
  • PHED 212: Intermediate Rock Climbing
  • PHED 214: Badminton
  • PHED 216: Diet and Conditioning
  • PHED 217: Golf II
  • PHED 218: Tennis II
  • PHED 223: Weight Training
  • PHED 227: Advanced Conditioning
  • PHED 228: Strength and Tone
  • PHED 231: Kickboxing
  • PHED 232: Challenge Education Activities
  • PHED 233: Pilates
  • PHED 234: Backpacking and Wilderness Camping
  • PHED 235: Soccer I
  • PHED 236: Advanced Aerobics
  • PHED 237: Introduction to Chinese Kempo-Karate
  • PHED 238: Lifeguard Instructor
  • PHED 239: Lifetime Wellness Activities
  • PHED 244: Water Safety Instructor
  • PHED 247: Tai Chi for Health
  • PHED 248: Lifeguard Training
  • PHED 249: Level I Hatha Yoga
  • PHED 254: Beginning Volleyball
  • PHED 257: Chinese-Kempo Karate II
  • PHED 261: Core Training
  • PHED 265: Soccer II
  • PHED 269: Level II Hatha Yoga
  • PHED 290: Independent Study (0 to 2)
  • RIDING: The courses in riding include instruction for beginning, intermediate, and advanced riders. Emphasis in the riding program is placed on riding and showing hunters. The program includes cross-country ride and hunter shows throughout the state. Riding courses are offered each term and are open to all students. Students should register for the course appropriate to their individual skill levels.