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Golden Rules of Alumnae Referrals



Let us do the work for you.


As an alumna, we need your valuable network and community connections to identify Hollins women for tomorrow.

Support the rally for referrals by submitting contact information on behalf of the young women in your life, both near and far.

Although she may share different interests or have a different background than you, provide her contact information and allow the Office of Admission to begin or continue the conversation about Hollins.

Refer a Student

Know what matters.

  • Student name
  • Student address
  • Student's year of high school graduation

It’s that simple; these are the bare necessities required to begin providing a student with Hollins information relevant to the timeline of her college search.

The online referral form provides an easy platform to provide information, and allows the Office of Admission to follow up with you regarding this student as she continues in her college search.

Got more info? We welcome additional contact and background information to enhance our conversation with students.


Understand the significance of your gift to Hollins.

As an alumna, one of the most valuable gifts to your alma mater originates in sharing your Hollins experience with others.

Providing alumnae referrals allows you the opportunity to support the financial health of your institution by driving tuition dollars, but it also allows you to assist in forming the Hollins sisterhood for tomorrow, the true heart of Hollins.