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Photo Gallery

Remembrance of Things Past

Photos submitted to HOLLINS magazine in celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of Hollins Abroad-Paris.

Submitted by Elizabeth Gibbs Milton '71
Photo taken by Laura Carpenter '71
"The 'kids' picture was taken during summer tour while we were in Salonica, Greece. Everyone was having a ball, and I think that shows in our expressions."

Submitted by Jennifer Slingluff Robinson '84
February 1982: “I’m the one with the long puffy coat. Had just cut off my long hair!”

Submitted by E. Margaret Thompson Ladd '78
"One day I got a wild notion to stay up all night and wander through Paris and photograph many sites, with Tara Tooke ‘78. [This photograph is of the] Champs-Elysees, looking toward L’Arc de Triomphe, sunrise, October 1976. Note the absence of cars—a rare sight."

Submitted by Susan Dukehart Hardman '63
"This is a photo of the Hollins Abroad summer tour of 1961. We are pictured in front of the Bayer Aspirin plant in Leverkusen, Germany. The debonair guy front and center is Dr. Thomas Hanna. On the far right is George Guise, who was guide extraordinaire for many HA groups."

Submitted by Margaret Grill Tickner '79
Photo taken by Margaret’s sister, Marcy Grill '73
"We call this photo, taken at Place de la Concorde, 'School Girls in Paris, Hollins Abroad '77.'Clockwise from the top: Marjory Hardy Train, Margaret Grill Tickner, and Alixe Reid Mattingly, all members of the Class of 1979. We still remain extremely close friends."

Submitted by Mary Lamar Goodykoontz Barr '58
"Ours was the second class to go to Paris. While in Rome in 1956, several of our group decided to have a toga party in the Forum."

Submitted by Sara Truluck Dodenhoff '62
Hollins Abroad, 1960 -- the "Welcome Aboard the S.S. America Party."

Submitted by Helen McTyeire Drennen '81
Photo taken by Jayne Arnesan Mauric '79
Kicking up their heels with Helen (far left) are other members of the class of '81: Elizabeth Alden Lang, Cathy Thompson, Caroline Simons Finnerty, and Linda Strout Lotz.

Submitted by Mason LeCompte '98

"This photo, which I call 'La Tour Eiffel,' makes me think of Hollins women in Paris and takes me back to the time when I was there."

Submitted by Susan Downie Wheeler '84

This is a "photograph of my French petit ami. He was my madame's little brother, and we dated for a very long time. He would let me drive his car around Paris and take all of my Hollins Abroad friends."

Submitted by Cynthia Van Buren '77
"Along the Seine and Palais de Chaillot, 1975."

Submitted by Cynthia Van Buren '77
"Along the Seine and Palais de Chaillot, 2003."

Submitted by Missy Van Buren Brown '76
"April 1974 - Spring Break, Venice, Italy at the Bridge of Sighs (Ahh!)"
Pictured are: Missy Van Buren Brown, Margaret Larabee Witten, Vanessa Irizarry, Patricia Hudson Baylor, Wendy Weller Skeels, and an unrecognized male escort!

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