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Carriage House Products

How to Order


  1. Order from the Carriage House Web site
  2. During checkout, type in the promo code for Hollins alumnae, family, and friends (HOLLINS)
  3. Your 10% discount will be deducted at the end of the ordering process.
  4. Or call Carriage House at (804) 767-7166 and give them the Hollins promo code when you order.

Ordering Information for Richmond Area Alumnae and Friends

* Note: Hand-delivery of Carriage House Traditional Cheese Straws gift tins is only available during the November cheese straw fundraiser to Richmond-area alumnae, family, and friends that order directly through the Richmond Chapter. During the rest of the year, Richmond-area alumnae and friends may order directly from Carriage House Products.


Cheese Straws: Exclusive for Hollins Alumnae

Sponsored by the Richmond Alumnae Chapter

Carriage House Cheese StrawsDo you love the tangy crunch of southern style cheese straws? Are you an alumna, parent, or friend of Hollins? If you answered "Yes," then we know you’ll be excited about this news!

Now Available Nationwide

The Richmond Alumnae Chapter, in partnership with Carriage House Products, is delighted to offer cheese straws - plus a wide range of delicious products - for a discounted price to Hollins alumnae, parents, and friends anywhere in the U.S.


  • 10% discount off all products ordered online or over the phone, exclusively for Hollins alumnae and family
  • Easy shipping to Hollins alumnae, friends, and family
  • Perfect for parties, gifts, or just snacking!

About the Richmond Alumnae Chapter Fundraiser

For more than 10 years, the Richmond Alumnae Chapter has partnered with Carriage House Products each November to sell Cheese Straws as a chapter fundraiser. The money raised has enabled the Richmond chapter to host a wide variety of local events, such as the cocktail party, Easter egg hunt, prospective student parties, and intern dinners. In addition, a portion of the proceeds has been donated to the Virginia Lee Cox Blakely Scholarship at Hollins, which is a need-based scholarship for students from the Richmond area.

Support Hollins and Order Your Cheese Straws Today!

- Alex Seely '99
Carriage House Cheese Straws Fundraising Coordinator


Order Online!

Cheese Straws
Cheese Straws

Carriage House Cheese Straws are baked using the finest quality ingredients: real Wisconsin sharp cheddar cheese, unbleached wheat flour, and sweet cream butter. Made without preservatives or artificial ingredients.

Flavors: traditional (spicy), mild, and hot.

Pecan Biscuits
Pecan Biscuits

Baked to a perfect crispness, Carriage House Pecan Biscuits combine the great taste of real aged sharp cheddar cheese and tangy pepper sauce complemented by pecan halves. Their buttery, nutty flavor will have you reaching for more.

Ovations Cookies
Ovations Buttery Walnut Toffee Cookies

These rich, buttery walnut toffee cookies are a Carriage House original product. Loaded with English walnuts and delicious toffee chips, they are sure to satisfy your cravings for a sweet, savory snack.

Jubilees Cookies
Jubilees Coconut, Almond, and Chocolate Chip Cookies

Carriage House Products' newest and most incredible cookies yet! Jubilees are lovingly baked using sweet shredded coconut, whole almonds, and plenty of decadent chocolate chips. If you like Almond Joy bars, the inspiration for this new product, then you'll absolutely love our new Jubilees cookies. Dunk into a glass of cold milk or a bowl of vanilla ice cream!