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Confidentiality of Alumnae Information



Alumnae names, addresses, and biographical information are entrusted to the alumnae relations office by each individual alumna and are released to alumnae only for the purpose of volunteer efforts on behalf of Hollins. This information is protected and confidential.


It is understood that, in releasing this information, the intent is to use it for noncommercial, personal purposes only with Hollins alumnae and classmates.


Use of the names, addresses, or other information released to a volunteer for any multiple mailing without the consent of the alumnae relations office is prohibited. An alumna's contact information may be shared with a classmate who requests it for legitimate personal use, unless the alumna has requested that information not be shared with anyone.


No part of any confidential alumnae information may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means electronic, mechanical, photocopied, or otherwise without the consent of the Hollins alumnae relations office.