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Horizon/After Graduation

Olivia Body

Olivia Body '08

"After I received my B.A., I entered Hollins’ M.A.L.S. program for visual and performing arts and have immensely enjoyed the curriculum and people I’ve met along the way.

"Hollins taught me that it's all right to take chances and that when you start to doubt yourself, you should never forget about the network of people on this campus who will always be here to lift you up again. This place will always feel like home to me."

Ann Dujardin

Ann Dujardin '10

"Since graduating from Hollins, I have been teaching at the Shenandoah Autism Center, a private day school for autistic students. I have also begun my graduate studies in special education at Radford University.

"My experiences at Hollins contributed to my growth as a teacher and as a person. I learned so much about the world around us, and I made friendships that will last a lifetime. The professors at Hollins taught me how to be the best teacher I can be, by sharing my knowledge and enthusiasm for learning with my students. They gave me the information, tools, and experiences I needed to be successful. Thanks to Hollins, I am going places!"

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Honey Hutson

Honey Hutson '07

I was hired straight out of Hollins into a federal job, which helped me get through the tough economy. Life was a little hectic for a while, but when I finally got back to marketing my writing, my first book was sold within a year.

"Hollins gave me confidence in myself, both personally and professionally. I learned to have not only pride but also faith in my work, my abilities, and my value as a person. In the academic atmosphere I learned to look at things with a positive but critical eye. And I learned persistence and to trust in myself."

Megan Ihlefeld Megan L. Ihlefeld '07

"I finished my B.A. in biology at Hollins in the Horizon Program. I first heard about Novozymes, a bio-research company located in Roanoke County, in 2005 through a field trip with a microbiology class and was very intrigued with their research projects. I can remember telling my husband that I would be interested in working there once I finished my degree. At the time of my graduation in 2007, I was eight and a half months pregnant with my second child, and I stayed at home until June 2008.

"In 2008 my husband passed away unexpectedly and I was left with the responsibility of taking care of our two children. I visited Hollins’ Career Center, where I found the internship advertisement for Novozymes. When I interviewed for the internship, they were looking for someone to fill a full-time position. Luckily, my internship rolled into the full-time position.

"Currently I am a laboratory assistant, but I will be promoted this year to a laboratory technician. My passion for green technology has greatly increased over the years. I experiment with a fungus used as insecticide, which is effective against many agricultural pests, ticks, and bed bugs. Because it doesn’t leave any harmful residue, it can be used more frequently than other insecticides."

Ellene Magee Ellene Magee '92

"The year I graduated from Hollins I started working as a consultant/independent contractor for the College Board, a national academic association probably best known as the sponsor of SAT and Advanced Placement (AP) exams. In 2009, my husband and I started a new business, MAGEES, Inc., of which I am the president. We are a Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE), and we specialize in business development in the electrical utility construction industry, with clients in California, West Virginia, Utah, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

"I came into my own at Hollins, where I gained a fuller understanding and appreciation of many things; I thank a liberal arts education for that. As a new graduate, I felt that the world was full of possibilities that had not existed before. I knew that I had an excellent education and marketable skills and was prepared for whatever new challenges might come my way."
Melanie Moro-Huber

Melanie Moro-Huber '08

"The first year after graduating, I bounced around a couple of jobs, without really settling into anything. I had written a collection of poems and a memoir during my honors course through the English department. I shopped around the memoir and learned quite a bit about the publishing world (mostly what not to do). I tossed a couple of poems out into the void and was surprised and delighted to publish a few and win an award. Axe in Hand, my debut poetry collection, was published in February 2012 through NYQ Books.

I no longer have any doubts about what I want to do and how I am going to go about doing it. Hollins prepared me for this in many ways. For one thing, I never received special treatment. There were no special 'mom' concessions, but whenever I would start to feel sorry for myself I would stop in to study or have lunch at Eastnor, where I could unload my burdens and gather strength from the many other Horizon ladies juggling motherhood and/or careers.

"Another thing that prepared me for the path I am on now was the quality of the education I received at Hollins. And the generous academic scholarships I received allowed me to focus on my studies."


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