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Hollins Honors Program

In the fall 2014, Hollins University initiated a faculty-designed honors program that complements the university's academic curriculum and provides a multidisciplinary and research-based experience for inquisitive students.

The Hollins honors program is distinctive in two ways: It is offered to students early in their academic career, either the first or second year, and, the content of the seminars is driven by student interest and curiosity. Students will work with a select group of peers to complete a two-year sequence of four two-credit seminars.

The goals of the program are in full harmony with Hollins' emphasis on student initiative and creative thought. In the first year, the program, led by two faculty members, provides resources and support for teams of students to design, execute, and present their own collaborative research projects. In the second year, students work in a similar way, only this time to develop individual projects. In both years, projects will originate with ideas coming from students’ own interests and stimuli provided in the seminar.

Upon the successful completion of the sequence of four seminars, the distinction honors program will appear on a student's transcript.

Faculty for 2014-15 and 2015-16

Tina Salowey, Professor of Classical Studies
Robert Sulkin, Professor of Art

"The opportunity to work with talented students and a valued colleague is the primary attraction and I'm hopeful that we’ll be able to design seminars that extend beyond traditional academic boundaries."
—Robert Sulkin

"Experiential learning, student-driven research, and academic collaboration have long been a part of Hollins' Short Term and first-year seminar programs. It will be a pleasure working with my art colleague to offer these experiences to a group of motivated students early in their Hollins careers with a focus on developing big ideas that will make a difference."
—Tina Salowey

The application deadline is March 1. Students will be selected based on an open application process designed to gain a sense of the student's motivation and aptitude for challenging, independent, and creative academic work.

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