Cecili Weber

“I can’t wait for more experiences.”

Cecili Weber, vice president for the class of 2017, knows what makes Hollins special: the professional connections students make here. "That's something that really sets Hollins apart," she says. Even first-year students have opportunities to "build those connections that will help us so much in the future."

During the January Short Term of her first year, Cecili secured an internship through the Hollins Career Center. She loved her internship at United Way of Roanoke partly because she was able to learn new skills, “especially things relating to communications, things I’ve been learning in the classroom that I’ll be able to apply in future communications classes." She was pleasantly surprised about the level of work she was given. "They had a lot of faith in me. When I think of an intern, especially a first year, I think of someone who's running to get coffee, doing more of the remedial things, but they were really great about giving me work that felt important," she says.

When asked about J-Term, Cecili says that "although it’s not very long, it's just enough time to get a taste of working in an office, with a 9-5 type of pace, without taking too much time out of your academic career." She says that this first internship allowed her to experience the kind of job she would like to have after Hollins and inspired her to seek more internships in the future.

—Becca Rowe '14