Chanice Holmes

“Hollins is really what you make it.”

Chanice Holmes '15, a dance major with minors in biology and psychology, is also seeking certificates in arts management and in leadership studies. Her plan is to become a dance therapist, and she feels supported by Hollins' dance department. "What I love most," she says, "is that we’re collaborating with different aspects [of dance], like music and theatre, and we can all sit down and discuss art."

She is currently finishing her final project for the Arts Management Certificate, a program that combines art and business. Once she leaves Hollins, she wants to be in the position of being able to "own my own nonprofit organization and know what's going on."

As if her schoolwork doesn’t keep her busy enough, Chanice has also participated in the Jamaica Cultural Immersion program and several internships. During the most recent J-Term, she interned with the National Dance Institute in New York City, where she taught dance to children in public schools. She particularly enjoyed working with the Lighthouse program for blind and deaf students. "You would think that these children would be a little slower, but they were on point. They know clearly what the teacher is doing," she says. She wants to combine her major and minors to find the perfect profession, and this internship has helped her realize that she "wants to work with children who have suffered trauma…literally helping them get over whatever it is that's stopping them or hindering them from growing and being the best they can be, through dance."

—Becca Rowe '14