Tegan Harcourt

“This is my home, and this is my school.”

Many on campus know 2017 class president Tegan Harcourt. A first-year student, she has already become an active part of the community, which she says is "really amazing. It sounds really cliché and preachy and it’s like 'sisterhood and family,' but it’s a real thing, and it’s something I experience every day."

Even before she came to campus, Tegan started working to help others in her class by designing an event for the enrolled students' day. Because of this project and some amazing networking, when elections rolled around, "People told me, 'You should be president, I would vote for you,' and I said, 'I don’t really know. I’m a freshman!'" She eventually recovered from her initial jitters. "I do really care about my class," she says, "and I know everyone in my class, and [serving in student government] is something that is important to me because building the college community was such an important aspect for me to come here.”

When asked for advice for those trying to get involved, she says: "If you find something that you want to get involved in, go for it. If the first thing you get involved in isn't something you really want to do, do something else because that’s what we're always doing; we're switching around, trying to find the best fit. If you’re prepared for that, it's a really great experience."

—Rebecca Rowe '14