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Pre-law graduates: Where are they now?


Tiffany Marshall

Tiffany Marshall Graves '97, graduated from the University of Virginia Law School, where she received the Lewis F. Powell Post-Graduate Public Service Fellowship; now an associate with Watkins and Eager, PLLC, in Jackson, MS. Named a member of the inaugural class of The Mississippi Bar's Leadership Forum 2011; elected to a two-year term on the Board of the Mississippi Bar's Young Lawyers Division, and appointed to serve on the University of Virginia School of Law's Alumni Council

"The education I received at Hollins prepared me richly for the challenges I would face as a law student. The dynamic courses offered by the political science department taught me invaluable analytical and research skills — tools that I used daily in law school and that will serve me well as a practicing attorney. My favorite and most challenging Hollins class was Research Methods. Beyond learning to crunch numbers and manipulate and analyze data, the class gave me the confidence to apply to law school. With the help of Professor Jong Ra, I was able to achieve one of the highest grades I received in college in that class. It remains one of my proudest accomplishments."


Katherine Echternacht Fleming '97, Spanish and interdisciplinary studies major in environmental pre-law; helped start the pre-law society at Hollins; J.D., Mercer University Law School

"Hollins gave me confidence. That's the main thing anyone can acquire at Hollins, because of the small class sizes and the fact that it's a women's campus. I learned to communicate with my peers, and I was encouraged to speak out in class. We received grades for class participation, so you couldn't get around that. I've noticed my colleagues at law school, the ones who went to big universities, are not as confident speaking out in class or responding to questions. In addition, my internships were one of the most valuable elements at Hollins. I interned at the Florida Department of Environmental Protection one year, then followed that with an internship at an environmental law firm in Tallahassee."


Sarah R. Hatch '96, history major; assistant state attorney, Kissimmee, FL

"Hollins gave me freedom to develop my own interests. I was not pigeon-holed into a major right away. I was taught to read a lot and digest the important information, and I learned how to write persuasively. The same is required in law school. My internships were also wonderful. I interned at The Roanoke Times, the Florida State Attorney's office, and in my senior year, the Roanoke Commonwealth Attorney's office, which cemented my desire to do criminal law."