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Patricia (Trish) Hammer
Vice President for Academic Affairs
(540) 362-6491

Hollins University
Roanoke, VA 24020


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Phi Beta Kappa - celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Hollins Chapter in 2012

Preparing for a lifetime of change.

How can you recognize a good education when you see it? There are three things to look for: what happens in the classroom, what happens outside the classroom to prepare you for the working world, and what happens after graduation.


In the classroom

  • Will you be making a real contribution to the give-and-take of the classroom experience? Most Hollins classes have 20 or fewer students, which makes meaningful exchanges between students and the professor the norm.
  • Will you learn how to respond intelligently to essay questions and write thoughtful papers? At Hollins, we value the written word, which is why you'll be asked to write a lot, no matter what your major is.
  • Will you be exposed to more than your major courses? At Hollins, our innovative general education program will take you on an exciting educational journey that crosses curriculum divides and develops important skills.


Outside the classroom: internships

  • Approximately 65% of Hollins students complete internships during their four years.
  • For 45 years, internships have taken our students all over the country, from hospitals to newsrooms, from museums to government agencies, and from movie studios to law firms.
  • We connect students with successful alumnae through an annual career conference.


After graduation

  • On average, a year after commencement, 98% of our graduates are employed or in graduate school. Read more...