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Education Through Skills and Perspectives (ESP)

ESP is a bold perspective on education, and it's a real-world, even other-worldly, way to learn that's relevant, rewarding, flexible, and fun.

How you understand the world depends on the perspective you take. And ESP is designed to put learning in context and give you the broad understanding and deep knowledge required to make discoveries on your own. It's also about developing skills that let you put knowledge to work in your career and life.

Here are the lists of skills and perspectives in the program. Put them together, and you have ESP.

ESP Skills

ESP Perspectives

  • Aesthetic Analysis
  • Creative Expression
  • Ancient and/or Medieval Worlds
  • Modern and/or Contemporary Worlds
  • Social and Cultural Diversities
  • Scientific Inquiry
  • Global Systems and Languages

ESP will open doors to the perspectives and skills that will make you more employable or a more successful applicant to graduate and professional schools. Employers and grad schools want students who can think, and students who can do. ESP gives you the ideas and skills to put the liberal arts to work.

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