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students with Professor Derringer

Come to Hollins and do meaningful research

Every student majoring in chemistry is expected to spend at least one semester and a January Short Term carrying out research with one of the faculty members. Students can also apply for research funds available at Hollins to partially offset their research expenses.

  • Chesley A. Ammermann '13 received the 2012 William E. Betts Jr. Undergraduate Science Research Fellowship from the Virginia Foundation for Independent Colleges for summer research
  • Claire Wang '12 and Xiaopu Jin '12 received grants from Hollins’ Janet MacDonald Fund to support their research during the academic years. The fund also supported Ms. Jin’s summer research.

Every chemistry major presents her research at Hollins’ annual spring Science Seminar. Most students also present their work at one of the special meetings of the Virginia Blue Ridge section of the American Chemical Society. The top chemistry and biochemistry majors from each institution in the section receive the prestigious James Lewis Howe Award. Recent recipients of the award include:

  • Xiaopu Jin (2012): "Synthesis of Transition Metal Complexes of Ketoimines"
  • Allyson E. Stephens (2010): "Synthesis and Characterization of Substituted Aniline Imines of Benzoylacetone and 1-Phenyl-1,3,5-hexanetrione and Their Transition Metal Complexes"
  • Melanie Craig (2009): "Fluorescence Studies of a Small Isometric Virus"
  • Laura Strausberg (2008): "Attempted Synthesis of a Macromolecule from Iron Phthalocyanine and a Dirhenium Complex"

Our students have also made presentations at the regional and national meetings of the American Chemical Society (ACS). Some recent presentations are listed below:

  • Amelia B. Campbell '11 and Emily R. Klein '11 (copresenters), Bansi L. Kalra, H.E. Jessica Yi, and David K. Lewis: "Kinetics of the Thermal Isomerization and Decomposition of Ethylcyclopropane." Poster presentation at the 61st Southeastern regional ACS meeting, San Juan, Puerto Rico (Oct. 2009).
  • Brittany M. Neumann '10, Bansi L. Kalra, Angela K. C., John Meade, and David K. Lewis: "A Study of the Thermal Isomerization of Cyclopropylbenzene." Poster presentation at the 60th Southeastern regional ACS meeting, Nashville (Nov. 2008).