Mentoring and motivating.

When Brynn Hoffman '09 was a student, she served as a student success leader (or SSL) for a first-year seminar class in history. She was so good at it that the professor invited her back—this time to serve as an alumnae mentor for his first-year seminar. "I am there to be a support to the students and help them in other ways: should I do an internship, should I get involved in this campus activity, should I be a history major—that sort of thing—to offer a real-world voice from outside of Hollins."

Brynn's post-college training and education are serving her well in this new volunteer role for Hollins. After majoring in history and minoring in art history, she completed an M.A. at North Carolina State University in public history. Currently, she is the assistant manager of historic sites for Raleigh Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources, managing the operations at four historic sites and entities.

Brynn says her SSL experience has made a positive difference in her career. "I learned how to work with people both as a supervisor and as a leader," she says, "and also how to connect with people and motivate them in a way that is the most beneficial to everyone."