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Green Fee

In December 2008, Hollins University students voted in favor of adding a green fee ($5.00 per semester beginning 2009-10) to their tuition to support a more "green," or environmentally-friendly campus. This initiative has been reviewed by the President's Cabinet and was presented to the Board of Trustees for approval. A proposed process for awarding and distributing these funds is outlined below.

Process for evaluation of projects:

  1. Funds will be collected by the university each semester from all undergraduate students and directed toward environmental projects that directly support the university's commitment to reduce its greenhouse gas production (carbon footprint) and/or conserve energy. These funds will not be used to support individual research projects or conference travel.
  2. No later than April 1st, the Environmental Advisory Board (EAB) will share a list with the larger campus community of possible projects to pursue in the next fiscal year using Green Fee Funds [except for 09-10 when list will be developed in the fall].
  3. Members of the community will be invited to present additional ideas to the EAB as well as comment on projects listed.
  4. The EAB will evaluate all proposed ideas and projects and will identify priorities for the next academic year by April 15 [by early October in 09-10]. EAB will consult with the president of the university to be certain that the priority projects are consistent with the university's strategic priorities, campus master plan, and the strategic plan for carbon neutrality.
  5. The ideas or projects selected for further analysis or implementation will be submitted to the president who will seek Board of Trustee approval if necessary at the May [February in 09-10] board meeting. Once approved the project will be communicated to the larger campus community by May 1 [mid March 2010], allowing implementation of the project during the next year.
  6. Funds that are not spent in one fiscal year will be carried to the next fiscal year.

Endorsed by the Board of Trustees February 28, 2009


Green Fee Supported Initiatives

Planted 14 new trees on Back Quad using inaugural student green fee (spring 2010). Photos from Earth Day 2010 »

Purchased light motion sensors for the Dana Science Building; matched by university’s capital budget (fall 2010)

Renovated greenhouse for the community garden (fall 2011)

Pooled funds for a more ambitious project next year (spring 2012)